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Shivalik Gold Capsules Sexuality:  The sexual urge is the most powerful biological drive next to the need for food, water, and sleep. Sexual activity should be a healthful and pleasant experience. However, many people face disappointment, anxiety, humiliation and frustration because their sexual functioning is not proper. Impotence and frigidity are the cause of great anguish. Sexual dysfunction is a common medical condition. It is defined as an inability to get or keep sufficient sexual strength for a satisfactory sexual union. It may affect men of any age, race, and background. Most cases of sexual dysfunction are associated with common medical lifestyle conditions. Factors like consumption of tobacco, alcohol, late marriage, increased mental stress and strain at a job, diabetes, blood pressure, lack of nutrition and adulteration in food and social and family liabilities etc. lead to sexual dysfunction. Sex and Ayurveda The importance of sex in human life was duly recognized by ancient Indian Rishis who have assigned a complete section on sexuality in Vedic texts. The Aphrodisiac power of herbs was found out by founding fathers of Ayurveda thousands of years back. These Rishis were interested in optimizing human functioning, improving health, increase longevity and retard aging. They never believed in a quick fix when it comes to sexuality but always insisted for true sexual vitality. The ayurvedic tonics and aphrodisiac herbs have been found through the ages to safely, healthfully and profoundly fortify sexual functioning, intensifying the pleasure of sexuality, helping eliminate the roots of sexual dysfunction, frustration and anxiety. Modern Medicine and Ayurveda Ayurveda is about 5000 years old whereas the age of modern medicine is about 100 years. Modern medicine such as V-i-a-g-r-a (the much-talked sex pill) forces the patient’s system to respond, whereas the Ayurvedic medicines based on Traditional Knowledge use plants and other natural Earth resources to nourish and rebuild body tissue. Ayurvedic virilization procedure is one such method with which you can correct your sexual dysfunction and catch up with lost youth. Ayurvedic Virlization and Rejuvenation Virilization and Rejuvenation are often considered together because they are both concerned with preservation and maintenance of “Semen”. The ancient Rishis advised the use of Rasayanas and Vajikaranas (Virilizers literally mean, “Makers of Stallions”) so that a man could enjoy many times without concern over his loss of semen. Due to this only the Kings and Nobles spent most of their time in “Harems”. This ancient knowledge that was once restricted to kings is now made available to you in the form of “SHIVALIK GOLD” capsules a Herbo-Mineral Aphrodisiac that is based on plants and nature designed earth resources. Shivalik Gold Capsules Based on this ancient knowledge and centuries of observation our Ayurvedacharayas have designed a unique formulation “Shivalik Gold” a Herbo-Mineral Aphrodisiac that is based on plants and nature designed earth resources. Our Herbal Sex Enhancement Capsules help you in developing incredible sexual stamina and virility. The pure and natural herbal and mineral ingredients like Heera Bhasam, Moti Pisti, Swarn Bhasam, Vang Bhasam, Loh Bhasam, Ras Sindoor, Kesar, Swaran Vang etc. make it absolutely free from any side effect. Shivalik Gold Capsules increase cell metabolism and help in increasing the sperm count. Its anti-aging elements keep you youthful all the time. Shivalik Gold is a unique male sexual aphrodisiac that will impact you Stallion like vigor and increase the pleasure of sexual union. Shivalik Gold Capsule is 100% natural and a patent energizer for stamina, vigor, and vitality. It is based on an ancient tried and tested formula used by royals who used to have a number of wives.

Shivalik Gold Capsules:

  • Cures Impotence
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction
  • Cures Premature Ejaculation
  • Increases Stamina & Sperm Count
  • Makes erection longer and harder It makes each cell of your body a virtual power pack and makes you feel actually strong. It increases your stamina for an enhanced sexual performance that leads to complete satisfaction for you and your partner rather you undergo a complete transformation from a situation when you could not enjoy even once to a stage of multiple orgasms.
  • Pure & Natural Ingredients:
  • Shivalik Gold is prepared by blending of various time-tested pure and natural Medicinal Herbs(Picked from Shivalik Hills, the abode of Lord Shiva) and Bhasams, known for their efficacy in a rejuvenating man with new energy.
    Shivalik Gold Contains:
  • Heera Bhasam: It gives the body strength and firmness. Is a strong aphrodisiac, is good for Impotence, Diabetes, Cancer, and Old age. Moti Pisti: It is nervine, sedative and enhances libido.
  • Swaran Bhasam: It counteracts the effects of poisons on the body, strengthens the nerves and is Rejuvenative and Aphrodisiac, acts as a sexual stimulant and increases sexual power.
  • Vang Bhasam: It increases the blood flow and strengthens genital organs, also cures unsatisfactory erection and night fall.
  • Loh Bhasam: It is a stimulant in debility and acts as heart and bowl tonic.
  • Ras Sindoor: It is a strong tonic for Heart and Aphrodisiac and Rejuvenator helps to overcome mental and physical debility.
  • Kesar: It is useful for the reproductive tract, promotes fertility and is widely regarded as Aphrodisiac.
  • Swaran Vang: It purifies the semen best for virility and provides energy to men.
  • Shudh Shilajit: It acts mainly to purify and strengthen genitals, urinary tract and is used in diabetes and reproductive disorders. It’s also powerful aphrodisiac and stimulant.
  • Myristica Frag Rans: Increases libido, time period and controls ejaculation.
  • Myristica Frag Rans (F): Aphrodisiac and Rejuvenator.
  • Muena Prurita: One of the most effective medicine to prevent the sudden emission of semen.
  • Withania Somnifera: Cures physical debility and increases body resistance.
  • Zingiber Officinale: It increases the period and strengthens the reproductive organs.
  • Syzygium Aromaticum: Cures sexual neurasthenia, weakness, and exhaustion. Remaining”15” time tested herbs are known for their sexual virility.

Shivalik Gold Capsules Dosage: One Capsule Twice daily, preferably with milk or as directed by the physician.

Side Effects: Nil.


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